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Parent Advocacy

ISS will help you ensure your child’s needs are being met. We believe it takes a village to raise a child. As the parent of a child experiencing difficulties in school, you need a support system. ISS educational advocates provide that support.The world of special education is filled with acronyms, paperwork and a various deliverables that can be confusing to parents. We help parents navigate this often confusing and emotional process and understand their child’s individual rights as you make educational decisions for them and their future.

IEP Review 

& Intepretation

As a special educator who has sat in meetings, I can attest  how  overwhelmed parents feel when they walk into a meeting comprised of multiple school professionals who are sharing testing results, performance data and other information that can be difficult to understand. An ISS advocate will go to these meetings with you as your ally, helping you understand the information being disseminated and offer advice as you work with our team to make the right decisions for your child's learning.

Individual students or groups of 4-6 students will meet for two hours, twice a week at the learning center for coaching and support with the online learning process.

Through coaching,  every student's strengths and challenges are identified to improve the virtual learning experience. An individual learning plan is created incorporating teacher-supported materials and assignments with supplemental activities to augment learning. Students learn how to make the most of their academic time through a daily schedule that maximizes learning and ensures all work is completed and submitted on time. Students are held accountable for completing and turning in all online assignments. ISS then becomes the check and balance system each child needs and eliminates potential struggles at home and with parents.

Remediation & Tutoring

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